Fundraising Techniques

The methods which people use to raise funds for causes are many and varied, but they do submit to a broad system of classification. We consider the various types of fundraising activities in the sections that follow. 

These activities are not mutually exclusive. As you hone your skills, and begin to develop a Fundraising Strategy, you will see the benefit of allowing some areas to overlap, while keeping other areas separate. Strategic planning is aided by a compartmentalised approach only if it doesn't restrict your scope for new (and better) ideas.  

We have divided this section on Fundraising Techniques into two parts: 

Finally, we mentioned before that fundraising does not always, and should not always, involve asking for money. 

Other ways that organisations might fundraise might include asking their supporters (be they a private individual or a corporate entity) to give up some of their time; lend moral support; be an ambassador for your cause in their homes, families, neighbourhoods, workplaces, communities, etc. 

These are also important fundraising activities and should not be overlooked. 

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