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The world's largest online store offers a wealth of fundraising resources, products and ideas. Categories include books, DVDs, Kindle, MP3 downloads, video-on-demand, clothes, apparel and all sorts of household, garden, sports and outdoor accessories. Check it out ...

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A fantastic resource for Fundraisers. Calendar Check is the obvious place for fundraisers to look, to ensure nobody else is holding an event on the same day that you are planning to hold yours. You can then enter your event online.

This web site is completely FREE to registered charities. Register your charity on the site and then receive an access code which allows you to upload all your fundraising or awareness events onto the site. The aim is to help raise funds and awareness and avoid clashing events thereby diluting attendance.

Take a look and spread the word. We also want event organisers to advise their supporters to look on Calendar Check for news and information about their chosen charity or type of charity. -

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Are you looking for a healthy fundraising alternative?

Crosswords for Fun offers an innovative, seamless and effective fundraising solution, which will involve minimal time input from your group's members, and has the potential to give you a great return of funds for your important projects.

Best of all they are a fun, educational activity for people of all ages. -

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PaperFunds is a fundraising initiative based on an highly innovative but extremely practical premise. Instead of badgering prospective donors, why not offer them something they actually want and use?

Created by husband and wife team, Joe and Sam Kuipers with three children of their own, PaperFunds was a response to parental frustration at constantly being asked to overpay for products they didn’t need, want or ask for - cookie dough, wreaths, wrapping paper, candy bars, and other unhealthy or unnecessary products - all in aid of some local fundraiser such as schools or community development programmes.

All of these other fundraising concepts share two common characteristics. One, they earn profits by overcharging the supporters and sharing some of that “overage” with the organization, and two, they sell products that no one really needs or wants.  In both cases, the sale leaves the supporters feeling exploited and reluctant to repeat their participation. The fundraiser’s success is based solely on the enormous good will of the supporters who are willing to be exploited for a good cause.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

PaperFunds sells two things everybody needs and wants at a fair price while earning strong profits for your organization.

At about $1 per roll of paper towels and $.27 per roll of toilet tissue, your supporters will purchase something they are planning to buy anyway, and will be happy to repeat the sale during your next drive. This is a sensible fundraiser.

A good idea if every there was one and a welcome approach to fundraising. For more information, visit their website -

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We help schools and other organizations raise funds selling awesome Phone/iPod/PDA/Laptop Skins! Highlights and what we include:

Everything you need to be successful in a turn-key, ready to go fundraising program! -

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