Fundraising Guide

Introduction to Fundraising

Whether you are a seasoned fundraiser, or just starting out, we hope that you will find the information contained in this section useful and beneficial to your work.

If you are new to fundraising, perhaps even a little overawed by it all, don't worry - we all have to start somewhere. Remember, there is always a learning curve involved in acquiring any new skill.

If you have previous experience of fundraising, please feel free to contribute your own thoughts. See our Visitor Gallery section or Contact Us privately if you prefer.

What this general introduction serves to demonstrate is that the principles of fundraising are easy to grasp. True, fundraising requires a certain level of organisation and discipline. However, once you are equipped with the right knowledge, you will be able to take all of it in your stride. What you might learn in a day could take a lifetime to truly master. That should not prevent you from taking the first step however.

In the sections that follow, we talk about: 

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