The Story So Far

posted 22 Aug 2010, 13:41 by Sensible Fundraising   [ updated 23 Aug 2011, 07:25 ]

Sensible Fundraising website was launched earlier this year with the stated intention of creating a first-class online resource for fundraisers everywhere.

Since then we have made positive strides in that direction. It has proved an immensely fruitful exercise, has been well received all round and the journey thus far has been an enjoyable one. While there remains a lot to do - and a lot we would like to do - we are confident that we will get there some day, or have fun trying.

In the meantime we would just like to draw our readers attention to some new features that we think you will find useful.

A Recent Site Activity chart has been added. This tells you at a glance which sections of the website have been added or edited most recently. You can find this by clicking on link in the navigation sidebar.

New material is constantly being added and existing sections revamped in light of feedback which we receive, from you. We very much appreciate this feedback since audience participation is key to the success of a project like this.

A section on Fundraising Resources showcases certain online resources that might assist the work of fundraisers and not-for-profits. If you know of any such resources that should be featured here, please tell us. We will be happy to provide coverage. 

We do give preference to those resource that are available free of charge. Paid-for products or professional services may be submitted for Review.
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Finally, you can now find us on the various social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. We intend to use these as platforms, not just to increase our exposure; but also to collect and disseminate news and information of value to fundraisers in their work.

That's all for now, but watch this this space!

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Introducing Sensible Fundraising

posted 5 Apr 2010, 14:15 by Sensible Fundraising   [ updated 23 Aug 2011, 07:23 ]

A Website for People who Fundraise

A new website about fundraising that has just been launched. Sensible Fundraising serves as a free, online resource for fundraisers and not-for-profit organisations everywhere. 

It sets out to expound the theory and practice of fundraising, emphasising the practical aspect, approaching the subject from the standpoint of practitioners and public alike.

Anyone can access the site - The site is interactive, community-based and encourages user participation. Visitors are invited to share knowledge, tips, ideas about fundraising, based on personal experience, anecdotal evidence, or both. 

Visitors to the website can start by reading a brief Introduction to Fundraising, which outlines the basic principles and common fundraising techniques
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Advice for fundraisers looking to avoid the pitfalls is available in the form of a handy list of Fundraising Dos and Don'ts.

Another section on Fundraising Myths addresses certain widely-held misconceptions and about the subject and practice of fundraising. 

Future sections will focus on fundraising, taking a closer look at some of the disciplines and specialism in the field. Topics that will considered include direct marketing; corporate fundraising; donor recruitment, retention and stewardship strategies; the world of online fundraising; legacy and In Memoriam giving.

There will also be a Review section allowing fundraisers and not-for-profits to gain an independent assessment on products and services being touted as solutions at any given time. 

People interested in a Career in Fundraising will also find helpful information and advice.

The website is the creation of a group of professionals with lengthy and varying backgrounds in the field of fundraising and not-for-profit management: 

"We are motivated by a common concern to foster a positive attitude towards fundraising, and to promote professionalism and good practice at all levels." 

Another interesting facet of the website is that it has been created, almost entirely, using free online tools and resources that anyone can avail of, including not-for-profits. 

Cloud computing is a fashionable buzzword at the moment. But it boils down to something that is very practical and offers immediate benefits. Greater collaboration, accessibility, integration and the option of being able to migrate some, or all of your business to a safe, speedy and efficient online environment. These are all things that are important to the way we will manage our businesses and ourselves in the future. There is no reason why organisations run on not-for-profit principles cannot be take advantage of the changes that are coming

For more information please visit the website -, where you can also contact the team behind it. Widgets

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